Learning Strategies

Superior Cognitive Processes Or Logical Thinking

Superior cognitive processes or logical thinking:

Ability to analyze, synthesize, associate, relate, classify, investigate, evaluate, infer, express, deduce, debate, etc.

Results: these functions of the cerebral neocortex help mental agility, better understand the subjects, verbal fluency, and prudence and organize ideas or actions.

Efficient learning strategies

It includes the taking of notes, exercises, marginal notes, conceptual map, summaries, diagrams, graphs, etc.¬† Organize the plan for various subjects with self-confidence “I can” (read 20 to 30 minutes before entering or after school).

The skills of emotional intelligence

It comprises the following:

  • Recognize emotions that discourage learning, lower self-esteem, depressed or irritate
  • Self-control: dialogue these emotions do not save them
  • Motivation: change excites s affecting to meet goals and objectives of the semester
  • Empathy: understanding and putting yourself in the place of the emotions of others
  • Managing interpersonal relationships: raising or lowering states of sad or aggressive moods of their peers and family.

Emotional intelligence involves asking for help in the face of academic, vocational, family or stress problems to adapt in balance and learn the subjects of the semester.

Assertiveness (values that resolve conflicts)

An assertive person implies being: honest, direct, reflective, coherent, analytical, self-assertive, empathetic and respectful of oneself and others to face challenges, difficulties, obstacles, academic problems and conflicts of interpersonal relationships, group work with their peers, teachers, family, and work.

Assertive attitudes help to recognize any error or conflict, for example: “I recognize passive learning attitudes” Assertive self-esteem or confident intelligence is also spoken when the person accepts aggressive or non-assertive attitudes.

In summary, the positive attitudes and abilities of emotional intelligence are strengths or resources that help solve difficulties and conflicts of daily life in general.

Strengthen mental and physical health

Search instances of relaxation through physical exercises, yoga, dance, sleep well and a healthy diet to prevent stress or emotional illness (depression, addiction, bulimia, anorexia). Be aware of alpha states (relaxed) and high betas (tension or aggression) before sleeping and a test.

If you sustain all these strengths, you can strengthen metacognitive thinking (an integral vision that helps you recognize all the variables (weaknesses and strengths) that influence the learning process.

This thought contributes to analyzing cognitive processes, learning strategies (product), time and reinforcement of general competencies in complex subjects to learn to learn and self-evaluate the results: it is pleasant to learn questions that you never imagined.

Learning Skills: what they are and what we evaluate (extensive testing).

 Processing skills:

Given the information available, the mind performs different operations to convert the data into knowledge.

  • These functions are developed in a logical flow, where the first mental operation is the GATHERING of information: one of the senses capture all information that reaches the mind.
  • The second process that the brain performs with the captured data is the MEMORIZATION of them; Memory is a huge data bank that is stored for later use.
  • The third operation is EVALUATION: in the face of a problem or challenge of reality, the mind searches in memory for the best answer to solve the challenge; The evaluation can also be understood as critical judgment, problem analysis or decision making.

After these three operations, a person can convert information into a problem solution; We call this process CONVERGING PRODUCTION, given that the answer is unique or better than others. There is still another operation that is creativity or Divergent Production, but it is not evaluated at this time because it requires a very different instrument to this diagnosis.